During holidays, there are many cars in multiple sections and travel slowly. Please make a plan in advance

  “ Four bridges and two tunnels & rdquo; In and out of the island, along the ring road, Yanwu Bridge & hellip& hellip; Starting from the three-day Tomb Sweeping Day holiday, it is expected that there will be many slow cars on these roads. Please make a travel plan.

The reporter learned from the traffic police detachment that affected by the epidemic, the traffic flow of short-distance travel and sacrifice and sweeping is expected to be significantly reduced. After 15:00 p.m. on the three-day holiday, it is predicted that there will still be more vehicles moving slowly in and out of the island. The roads around the main scenic spots on the island, especially university road, Siming North Road, Siming South Road, Yanwu bridge, Yanwu Road, Huyuan Road, Lujiang Road, Xiahe road and Huandao Road, may be affected by the increase of travel vehicles, resulting in more and slower vehicles.

In addition, according to the weather forecast, the next three days will be sunny, and the number of scenic spots around Huandao Road may increase. The parking resources near Zeng cuoan and Huang CuO on Huandao Road are limited. Please make travel planning in advance to avoid congestion caused by random parking.

The traffic police department reminds: when traveling during the holidays, we should strictly abide by the epidemic prevention policies and regulations of the place of departure and destination, pay attention to the road traffic conditions, adhere to the off peak travel, consciously abide by the law and regulations, drive safely and drive in a civilized manner, do not drink driving, fatigue driving, overload carrying passengers, fasten the safety belt when driving, do not cross the congested and slow traffic sections, and do not occupy the emergency lane.