Xiamen again ranks among China Top 100 Cities

  A list of China's top 100 cities in 2021 was released at a seminar on the comprehensive development strategies of the country's top 100 cities in 2021 held in Beijing. Xiamen is again on the list, rising from 29th in 2020 to 24th this year.

  Compiled by the Wharton Economic Institute, the 2021 Top 100 Chinese Cities are ranked according to the combined scores of the top 110 prefecture-level and above cities in terms of hard economic indicators (consisting of GDP, deposit and finance) and soft economic indicators (consisting of environment, science and education, culture and health).

  Xiamen has not only risen steadily on this list, but has also been leading other similar lists several times in recent years. For example, it ranks the fifth in the "Top 100 Foreign Trade Cities in China"; the third in the "Consumer Satisfaction Assessment Report of 100 Cities in 2020"; the fifth in the list of "Top 100 Cities in Local Government Efficiency in 2020"; the ninth in the "Top 100 Chinese Prefecture-level City 2020 in Comprehensive Well-off Index" (including sub-provincial cities).